The process of finding yourself is also a process of expanding yourself, which means: getting outside your comfort zone. The types of discomfort may vary—you may process uncomfortable thoughts & feelings or you might be challenging your body physically. Whatever it may be, if you are dedicated to expanding your self it will be helpful to do it in place and with people that help guide you through the process. These are the top communities and retreat centers I recommend to find yourself.

1. Pachamama 

Pachamama is a sanctuary for the soul. From its yoga, vegetarian food, and daily meditations, this place makes it easy for your inward self to feel right where it needs to be. Pachamama host various workshops and retreats that help you dive deep: silence retreats, ayahuasca, body cleanses, breathwork, and vipassana. If you are looking for a place to totally detach from civilization, get out of your comfort zone, and do some deep healing than this is the place for you. 

2.  Cashew Hill 

Cashew Hill will welcome you like a long-lost family. A place to relax and remember the good life, Cashew Hill’s location in the Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo allows you to join a yoga retreat or teacher’s training, as well as, go out on the town, snorkel, surf, and hike in the national forest. This is a good option if you would like to have the relaxation of yoga retreat but also want the opportunity to be in town and not too far from other activities. 

3. Soma Divine Healing 

Soma is a healer, reiki master, and teacher who is exceptional at his craft. You can visit Soma to do therapy sessions or join in on his 7-day Master Healer Training where you will learn how to do Reiki healing, as well as relax and heal yourself in paradise. If you are looking to learn about energetic healing and want to have a more one-on-one healing journey than this is the place to go. 

4. Yoga Farm 

Yoga Farm is a yoga center, community, and sustainable living project opened from January to June every year. Located in the southern Pacific near Osa Peninsula, it is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. Its less touristy location, allows you to really settle into the alternative living lifestyle, do yoga every day, go to remote beaches, and connect with yourself and the surrounding habitat.

5. Punta Mona

Punta Mona is an off the grid community dedicated to botanical regeneration and permaculture. Curated by the Co-founders of Envision Festival (kinda like the burning man of the jungle), you are sure to find some spunk in the way of coming to yourself. Punta Mona is situated on the Caribbean and sits between two ecosystems—the coast and the rainforest lending itself to a diverse habitat and a variety of activities. At Punta Mona, you can participate permaculture workshops, yoga training, and medicinal plant workshops. This is the place for you if you have a calling for plants!

6. Orpheus B Retreat

This retreat, designed to create a deeper connection with the self, happens twice and year, in January and in April. Daily activities include meditation, tai chi, 3 raw food meals, and an evening ceremony, as well as treatments in acupuncture, reiki, and energy channel message. This option is for you if you are interested in experiencing a wide variety of healing modalities but only have a week for your adventure.